"Awoke" Gallery Framed Fluid Art Painting


I absolutely LOVE what I do and I believe you will feel it in my art, jewelry pieces and everything I create. I strive to create art that comes from deep within.

This is a one of a kind signed original painting ~ due to my creation process no two pieces are ever exactly alike. You can rest assured that you truly have a one of a kind piece that you will never see anywhere else! I created this using a fluid art technique known as a Dutch pour

Painted on an 8"x10" stretched canvas. It displays beautiful blues, white, copper and gold metallic highlights. Lovingly created in my studio using acrylic paints and finished with multiple coats of gloss varnish with UV protection

I embellished this painting with clear glass pieces in certain areas to showcase them with a bit of a 3D effect. Therefore, the painting overall, has a more 3D look. The back has been signed and dated

It includes a white gallery frame. Gallery frames have no glass or covering on the front over the painting. There is no hardware included so that you may hang it in whichever direction you like best (If desired, you may easily apply hardware to the back by purchasing a picture hanging kit, etc. at a local hardware store)

Total framed measurements/Outer dimensions measure 9.25" x 11.25"

The writing in the photos "Pizazz Studios Artist: Lori McKinnon" is not on the actual item, but on the photos only