Framed Tile Art


This is a one of a kind original piece of wall art. You can rest assured that you truly have a one of a kind piece that you will never see anywhere else! I created this using a technique in fluid art. I painted on a 4.25" ceramic tile and then mounted it to a canvas and framed it. The framing is 8" x 10". Prior to attaching the tile to the canvas it received 2 coats of resin with UV protection. There is no glass over the front of it so it is more of a dimensional piece of art. The canvas and frame are both white. The tile was painted using acrylic paints which include magenta, blue, aqua, white and a hint of iridescent gold. I can sign the back of this piece upon request. Hanging hardware has been installed, so it is ready to hang in your favorite spot or to be given as a one of a kind gift
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