Wholesale Cabochons

I am proud to offer my two tier wholesale plan to fellow creators who enjoy using my art cabochons in their pieces. Cabochons are glass and personally hand painted so no two pieces will ever look exactly alike. The wholesale information here does NOT include any of my embellished cabochons. This is for painted cabochons only. I will create cabochons with some colors of your choosing or I will choose if you have no preference. All wholesale orders receive FREE priority mail shipping. Most of the time I can have your wholesale order ship the same week depending on orders ahead of you and the size of your order. Please email inquiries, questions and all wholesale orders to info@pizazzstudios.com. I will be in contact with you and send you an invoice once I have all the information pertaining to your order. Thank you! Lori



Tier One:

All cabochons 25mm and smaller with unsealed backs (just painted with no resin seal on the back) are $1.50 each with a minimum order of 100 pieces. You can get all one size and shape OR a mix of all the cabochons I offer at 25mm and smaller
*see note below about resin sealed cabochons

All cabochons 30mm and larger with unsealed backs (just painted with no resin seal on the back) are $3.00 each with a minimum order of 100 pieces. You can get all one size and shape OR a mix of all the cabochons I offer at 30mm and larger
*see note below about resin sealed cabochons

Tier Two:
Minimum order of 50 pieces up to 99 pieces will be $2.50 each for 25mm and smaller OR $4.00 each for 30mm and larger 

* If you'd like to get your cabochons with a resin seal on the back please add an additional .50 cents per cabochon. I offer my art cabochons unsealed, because many people will seal the pieces themselves. I am offering this option as just another way to serve your needs at a lower cost to you

Sizes and shapes currently available for 25mm and smaller:
10x25mm rectangle
18x25mm oval
18x25 pear shape / teardrop
25mm square
25mm round
25mm heart
20mm round
18mm round

Sizes and shapes currently available for 30mm and larger:
10x50mm rectangle
24x48mm rectangle
30x40mm oval
30mm round
40mm round