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😉 Lori McKinnon is a contemporary artist based in the United States. Her jewelry and paintings are in collections internationally as well as within and throughout the United States. She can be found creating her art in one of two locations as she splits her time between two very different states. Those states are Massachusetts and Florida with the second location being on the very beautiful and inspiring Anna Maria Island. Lori feels incredibly blessed to be able to experience both of these locations along the East coast of the U.S. as this allows her an abundance of inspiration. Lori loves the ocean and feels 'at home' whenever she is near it, but also can appreciate the cooler Summers of the North East as well as the beautiful Autumn foliage in that part of the country as well

đŸŒș Lori has always been very creative, but discovered her love for painting shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic (March 2020). Over the years, Lori has gone from creating glass beads and handmade jewelry to mixed media art. She is grateful for discovering her passion for painting as she finds that her art brings her great joy and mindfulness. Lori says that being creative allows her to quiet the mind and allow the creative expression to come through in a way that she finds difficult to describe in words. Lori is greatly inspired by nature and her inner world where she is shown an interconnected existence with images of past, present and future as they appear on her own personal movie screen

"I believe everything in this world is connected to the ONE. We are all part of something much bigger than ourselves and we all contribute to it in one way or another" says Lori 

đŸ„° Lori also realizes that all this would not be possible without YOU! She conveys her deepest gratitude and love to you for your support and she continues to give back to the art community by creating inspiring and educational YouTube videos which you can find here:  Pizazz Studios on YouTube

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✌ Charities & Nonprofit Organizations that I have proudly supported:

Life Is Good Playmakers Foundation for Kids
Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch & Shore Bird Monitoring
Big Brothers Big Sisters
American Cancer Society
Salvation Army
AMI Pup Rescue
Rescue Me (dogs)
Boys and Girls Clubs of America



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