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Abstract Art for Sale

ABSTRACT ART | Artist Lori McKinnon | Pizazz Studios

Lori is an artist that enjoys working with acrylic paints and other media. Lori creates modern abstract art for sale from her studio that is about 45 minutes outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States

I love being an abstract artist and enjoy sharing it with the world. I feel my contemporary art comes from a place deep within and I believe the world is a better place when we all let our light shine! My art is always evolving... as am I. I believe art is not just something you hang on a wall, but it is something created with heART and soul. With each piece I strive to reflect my love of what I do along with my intuitive guidance in hopes of making the world and lives of others brighter and more colorful. I don't typically plan out my modern art paintings and I create what comes through me naturally without trying to have control over it. I take great pride in my work and always put my clients needs and happiness first, because I appreciate you! Thank you for visiting my online art gallery and please get in touch if there's something I can create for you personally or if you have any questions. I would love to work with you!

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